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Nishikido Ryo.

I really miss Ryo in NEWS, but at the same time I don't want him to ruin the current NEWS dynamic which in my opinion is their best yet.

I miss seeing him bullying Shige.

I miss watching him scolding Massu.

I miss watching him pampering Tegoshi.

I miss watching him teasing Koyama.

.... I don't really miss watching him n Pi together, but that's beside the point. hehe

However, I don't want him in NEWS. Somehow, I feel like the members would restless being around him. whatever. It's just my feeling anyway.

I don't like seeing Ryo in Kanjani8 nowadays. I feel like he isn't his true self. Every time I saw him with them, all I can think is he is faking it. Once again, it's my feelings. I bet it won't feel right unless he's by himself or NEWS. hmmm...

The point is, I miss him. Okay. End of story. I just need a place to let out my feelings.

Somehow, I understand how Kuroko feels. :\

P/S: I just realized my ryo tag is news:ryo tag. I think I'll keep it that way...



The only thing Shige's missing is his group activity. It seems that NEWS won't be doing Shige's drama OST but it is expected. Though I can't help feeling a little sad.
Anyway, there's still hope for Ryo's drama though not by much. It's hard to get Getsu9 OST unless it's Arashi or SMAP. I'm still crossing my finger for that. 
Hanawake staff is hilarious!! Today is Shige's crank in and they tweeted a lot about him. it doesn't happen with other casts. Maybe the stuff who runs it is a fangirl. :D
Now that he's started filming, I hope he takes care of his health. he's already thin enough as it is. 
Can't wait for his radio show next week! 

AND WHERE IS THAT CAT?? I THINK I LEAVE THOUSANDS OF KITTY TREATS AND TOYS ALREADY. I want to hear from Wagahai of Shige's busiest season to date. :DD

On the other note, I just got my English midterm back. I scored second highest! This week would be the best week to date if I don't have 2 presentation to do, a proposal and a report to be submit. Anyway, I'm still happy!

FYI, I can't stop grinning in my English class. 

When I was bored

 The title says it all. 1 month off is sucks. I was bored and still bored. Don't know what to do.

So I tried subbing!  \(^_^)/

This is my first time at subbing and I didn't use proper software for karaoke. And I don't include any translation because I don't want to get myself into trouble by not credit the right people.

download link HERE
lyrics credits: jpopasia

>>It's KAT-TUN, KANJANI8, NEWS 2008 medley in shokura.

>>It has LIPS, Taiyou no Namida, Wahaha... basically all of the single release by them in 2008.

>>but my favourite part is MaruMaru collaboration at the beginning. Maruyama's bass is superb. :D

>>Anyway, enjoy~ ^^V
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 HAPPY BIRTHDAY [info]sanjihan !!!

sorry for the simple greeting
and lack of gift. :))
I wish you well, do your best
and enjoy your birthday!!

P.S: it's already august 17 here. XDDD
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because this semester is tough and I have 7 projects to be handed over.
or until NEWS actually released something.
btw, I hate my faculty's staff officer.